Monday, August 1, 2011

Victoria Strauss, Throwing Stones from a Glass House?

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“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
While commenting on on the 60 Minutes story regarding possible fabricated stories by Author Greg Mortenson, a pondering Victoria Strauss posted the following question on her Facebook page:

“‎60 Minutes has raised questions about some of the claims in best selling author Greg Mortenson’s books, as well as his charity work. Could this be yet another example of a nonfiction author embroidering the truth?” (Emphasis Added).
We’ve kind of been wondering and asking the same question to Victoria Strauss and theSFWA regarding their claim of a police investigation regarding American Book Publishing.Could this be yet another example of a “science fiction” author embroidering the truth?Very ironic that Victoria Strauss would even consider questioning the veracity of another author while her own needlework on the fabric of truthfulness still remains in question.
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 “Why are there people who are convinced that they are in charge of what can or cannot be dispersed when it comes to disseminating truth? Much of this rhetoric emanates from . . . leaders who have promoted blindness to the truth while increasing their power over people. It has progressed to the point where they become obsessed in their considerations of image . . . . In doing so, they have abused the trust that was placed in them by their followers.” – Rabbi Yossi
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