Monday, August 1, 2011

A Note to New Authors . . . is Victoria Strauss Lying?

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As you know, we’ve asked a simple question to Victoria Strauss and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA): Show your evidence that American Book Publishing “has been the focus of at least one police investigation.”
Points to consider:
  1. We have researched every conceivable law enforcement agency in the State of Utah, where American Book Publishing resides.
  2. There has been no reply by either Victoria Strauss or the SFWA.
  3. There have been no proofs offered by either Victoria Strauss or the SFWA.
  4. Neither Victoria Strauss nor the SFWA has posted evidence in support of their claim.
  5. We have been attacked, personally, in an attempt to cloud the issue by the SFWA andVictoria Strauss supporters. Neither has presented evidence in support of the “investigation.”
  6. We have been called names and attacked by Victoria Strauss and the Victoria Straussloyalists.
  7. Victoria Strauss loyalists have flooded the internet with posts, unrelated to our question, to discredit our inquiry.
  8. Did Victoria Strauss try to get on their payroll at American Book Publishing as contract administrator?
  9. Has Victoria Strauss followed up on a threat to post a false report because American Book Publishing refused to retain her as a contract administrator?
  10. Has Victoria Strauss lied?
  11. Is the SFWA supporting and purpetuating Victoria Strauss’ lie?
  12. What is Victoria Strauss’ hidden agenda?
  13. If you had proofs, wouldn’t you post them?
You decide. Is this sandbagging at its best? Word of warning; don’t trust everything that you read by Victoria Strauss or the SFWA. Always question the purported watchdogs (Victoria Strauss, James D. MacDonald & Ann Crispin). There’s something seriously wrong with this allegation against American Book Publishing. A reasonable man/woman could only conclude that this claim is a fabrication by Victoria Strauss and that it is being supported by the SFWA.
It’s simple . . . answer the question Victoria Strauss . . . if you don’t you leave 1000′s of authors speculating about your credibility as a “watchdog.” Your silence only leads a reasonable man/woman to conclude that you are a liar with a hidden agenda.