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Crispin Claims Strategic Book Group Income Comes Only From Authors

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Bouncing Bobby claimed, in his “lawsuit” (the one that got dismissed because he didn’t pursue it after we sent him our interrogaties, [sic] make of that what you will, heh heh) that Writer Beware AND James Macdonald were causing him to lose $20,000.00 bucks per week in author income. And we know Bobby really felt that loss, because“author income” that is, authors paying him money, is how he makes his income. It’s sure not from selling books to anyone BUT their authors [emphasis added]. I’m sure Bobby’s tax records will bear me out. Anyone want to take bets? -Ann C. Crispin, Chair, Writer Beware
Well, at least she didn’t refer to it as a “mitzvah” again. These recent Amazon Sales Rankings would appear to suggest that there actually ARE people other than “their authors” buying books. From this group of titles, it appears that neither the author nor the book buying public is doing much with this collection of Ann Crispin titles. Judging by the cost ($9.99 and lower) of many of these books, it’s relatively safe to assume that these are in fact e-book sales. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that this has resulted “from selling books to anyone BUT their authors” by Strategic Book Group. These are the kind of statements that necessitate the need to become a skeptic and utilize the C.R.A.P test. C.R.A.P. is an acronym for Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose and Point of View.


Publication Date


Current Rank
InfectionSean SchubertEloquent BooksJanuary 6, 2011$9.9920,779
PEOPLE OF THE BEAR MOTHERT. D. AustinEloquent BooksDecember 15, 2009$9.9922,545
Time Will TellEddie UpnickEloquent BooksDecember 29, 2009$9.9950,128
Sex For Sale: Memoirs of a Bangkok LadyboySomkid SurintoomStrategic Book GroupNovember 9, 2010$9.9960,564
Angel Through The Storms: A Love StoryJr. Clement BinningsEloquent BooksFebruary 8, 2011$20.0077,809
A Parents Catechism: Passing on the Catholic FaithDana Paul RobinsonStrategic Book GroupOctober 26, 2010$9.99100,863
When I DreamRobin LandryEloquent BooksNovember 12, 2010$9.99104,641
Where There Is No Comfort, Seven Days in EthiopiaJuliann TroiEloquent BooksApril 14, 2010$9.99104,781
Pinewood Winning by the RulesPhillip C. ReinkeEloquent BooksJanuary 14, 2010$9.99109,111
Life is One Big To-Do List: A Woman’s Life after 40Terri Lee RyanEloquent BooksAugust 6, 2010$9.99116,791
ReversalHugh BowenEloquent BooksFebruary 22, 2011$9.99121,149
Saga of a Texas RangerJeffery RobenaltEloquent BooksOctober 25, 2010$9.99138,483
Final DiagnosisPaul V. WaltersEloquent BooksSeptember 7, 2010$9.99153,110
Xani: Child of the SunSaan As – Slim OrionStrategic Book GroupNovember 3, 2010$9.99156,957
Visions of TimePeter J. BrownStrategic Book GroupNovember 24, 2010$9.99179,465
A Humanistic Approach to Coaching WrestlingEd OnoratoStrategic Book GroupFebruary 24, 2011$9.99190,940
A Dirty Game: A David Hurst StoryDavid LoweStrategic Book GroupNovember 9, 2010$9.99192,992
In the Beginning: A Spiritualist’s BibleRev. Donald R. SchwartzEloquent BooksJanuary 3, 2011$18.95209,843
The Making and Breaking of an American SpyJames A. EverettEloquent BooksDecember 29, 2010$17.50210,998
Acrobats of ReasonGraham ButchartStrategic Book GroupAugust 29, 2010$9.99211,762
Shards of War: Fleeing to & from UzbekistanPh. D. Michael G. KeslerStrategic Book GroupFebruary 4, 2011$9.99220,096
Dogs of MeadowbrookWilliam SchwennStrategic Book GroupFebruary 8, 2011$9.99233,074
The Bitter VetchD.L. CalvinStrategic Book GroupDecember 7, 2010$9.99244,281
The Right Person (Montgomery Lake High, No. 1)Stacy PadulaStrategic Book GroupDecember 16, 2010$5.99244,503
Bread and Stone-A New KingdomCheryl Ann ToliverStrategic Book GroupFebruary 9, 2011$9.99272,256
True Ghost Stories and Yes Aliens ExistMaurice La HernStrategic Book GroupNovember 10, 2010$9.99277,822
North Carolina BlueShelby DeFrieceEloquent BooksFebruary 4, 2011$18.95297,000
A Shepherd’s RodCris PfeilStrategic Book GroupDecember 8, 2010$9.99297,253
Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas!Anita WaggonerStrategic Book GroupDecember 20, 2010$9.99336,747
My Sunset Rendezvous: Crisis in TahitiIla France PorcherStrategic Book GroupJanuary 11, 2011$9.99339,305
MISCHIEF IN THE MUSHROOM PATCHAmanda M. ThrasherStrategic Book GroupApril 14, 2010$9.99352,596
To Catch a CatchBob CohnStrategic Book GroupOctober 27, 2010$9.99353,432
Disturbing PiecesRobert N. PorterStrategic Book GroupDecember 8, 2010$9.99356,258
The Sting of Fate: Spanning Three Continents, the Paths of Love, Life and Restored Dignity Will Take You on a Spellbinding Magical Ride..Nannette HollidayStrategic Book GroupFebruary 4, 2011$9.99358,351
Pray. Act. Pray Again. A 40-Day Walk with GodRev. Kathleene CardEloquent BooksDecember 16, 2010$11.50360,480
Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent EpidemicSherrie PalmEloquent BooksMarch 14, 2009$23.50380,970
The Spirit of Freedom: Why We Are HereTom RichardsStrategic Book GroupDecember 23, 2010$9.99380,998
Person of InterestRay BarndsStrategic Book GroupNovember 3, 2010$9.99384,600
Destiny ObscureJoel BermanStrategic Book GroupFebruary 2, 2011$9.99421,576
Breathless SinJ.B. CokeStrategic Book GroupDecember 13, 2010$9.99425,740
Tap Shoes And Horse ShoesTana MacyEloquent BooksFebruary 2, 2011$18.00433,970
Gaia and TityasDenis FrithStrategic Book GroupNovember 4, 2010$9.99455,590
RoofiedStacia A. DavisEloquent BooksFebruary 25, 2011$16.95487,048
Black Powder, Gray Hope: VengeanceMarty DuncanStrategic Book GroupDecember 7, 2010$9.99500,851
Starbridge 5: Silent Songs (Starbridge, Book 5)A. C. CrispinAceJune 1, 1994$4.99664,208
Alien: Resurrection – The NovelizationA. C. CrispinAspectDecember 1, 1997$4.99954,642
Star Wars the Han Solo Trilogy (Star Wars)A C CrispinN.A.December 31, 1900$0.00996,585
V: Death TideA. C. CrispinPinnacle BooksJune 1, 1985$2.951,290,815
StarBridge 6: Ancestor’s World (Crispin, A. C., King, T. Jackson, Starbridge 6.)A. C. CrispinAceJuly 1, 1996$5.991,345,069
StarbridgeA. C. CrispinAceSeptember 1, 1989$4.991,386,007
Star Trek – Enter the WolvesA. C. CrispinDC ComicsApril 1, 2001$5.951,440,472
Starbridge 7: Voices of Chaos (Starbridge Series)A. C. CrispinAceMarch 1, 1998$5.991,451,537
Star Wars: The Han Solo Omnibus: The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn (AU Star Wars)A.C. CrispinRandom House AudioMarch 7, 2000$29.952,065,746
Yesterday’s Son: Star Trek NovelA. C. CrispinPocket BooksDecember 31, 1900$0.002,467,396
Rebel Dawn (Star Wars: Hans Solo Trilogy)A.C. CrispinBantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)April 2, 1998$12.402,574,550
Star Wars: the Han Solo TrilogyA.C. CrispinUnknownDecember 31, 1900$0.005,000,000
Sarek (Star Trek)A. C. CrispinPanDecember 31, 1900$0.005,000,000
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