Monday, August 1, 2011

April 4, 2011: UPDATED/Intriguing: How Does the “Thumbs Down” List Amazon Rankings Compare to the “Watch Dogs”?

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Intriguing best describes this recent result. This question was raised on another website. Good question. We thought that we would check it out for ourselves. This appears to be a complete list of “watch dog” titles and includes many of their known aliases.
How Does the “Thumbs Down” List Amazon Rankings Compare to the “Watch Dogs”? Granted, these statistics are updated hourly, it may be worth updating frequently and revisiting. Click here for a PDF copy. Since so many questions are raised regrading these “Vanity Publishers,” and what they don’t do for authors, doesn’t this report make you question what the “Watch Dogs” and “Traditional Publishers” are doing to market their books? Intriguing, very intriguing indeed. Perhaps if you are fortunate enough to land a good advance with a “Traditional Publisher” you can sit on your laurels. We found this very surprising and didn’t anticipate such low Amazon rankings for the “watch dogs.”
How to translate Amazon Sales Rankings:
RankCopies Sold/day
10,0002.2 (11 copies every 5 days)
100,0000.2 (1 copy every 5 days)
1,000,0000.006 (3 copies every 500 days)
2,000,0000.0001 (1 copy every 1000 days)
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