Monday, August 1, 2011

Invitation to James D. Macdonald: Show your Criminal History & Military Records

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In a May 6, 2011 post on the Making Light site, you re-posted an email, from 2007, which was attributed to Strategic Book Group’s President, Robert Fletcher. The implication was that you have a criminal history. Ironically, there’s no express denial from you regarding a criminal history. Your only defense was: “First thing is, Bouncing Bobby (since he doesn’t know much about books and writing, or the selling of same to the public) thinks that being a known criminal is a bar. It isn’t. E.g.: Willie SuttonEdward Bunker.”
Are you a known criminal? Do you have a criminal history? It may not be a bar to being a author; but it does call into question everything that you, as a “watchdog,” have posted about others and their shortcomings,  your credibility and any non-profit affiliations you may have. In the spirit of Sutton’s Law, additional research requires one to consider what is most observable and discoverable. Additional research will confirm or deny whether primary source material reveals evidence of this claim. Mr. James D. Macdonald you could have eliminated any suspicion with a simple denial of any history of criminal activity. You didn’t. Now, we’re curious.
Please grant us access to your FBI Criminal History and Military Records. We have attached the forms that can be returned to us via email.
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