Monday, August 1, 2011

Ann Crispin: “. . . Writer Beware never makes claims without documentation to back them up.”

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 ” . . . One would think that Mr. Write Agenda, having been exposed to Writer Beware’s extensive documentation and organized record-keeping a couple of years ago (and, after being exposed to it, dropping his lawsuit with a dull thud) would realize that Writer Beware never makes claims without documentation to back them up.” (Emphasis Added).
- Ann Crispin
 While we cannot speak to the “extensive documentation” in Ann’s allusion to the Fletcher case, we do acknowledge that Writer Beware™ has backed up claims with documentation in the past. We applaud these efforts and they are to be complimented for their use of primary source materials in those instances. However, the claim that “American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation” remains an open allegation and is devoid of any documentation.
Ann, if you have documentation to back this claim up then produce it. If you don’t, then say you don’t. Clouding the issue with prior endeavors and using “straw man” propaganda strategies isn’t going to make this go away. It would seem to be the better part of wisdom to admit, deny or prove the veracity of these claims. By doing so you may restore legitimacy to your organization. In the event that you continue to ignore these requests authors, agents, publishers and industry professionals will rightfully conclude that the allegation is false and that it was motivated by other agendas. The choice to end the black cloud of speculation, or not, is yours.
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