Monday, August 1, 2011

Victoria Strauss: The Anthony Weiner Scandal is a BS Story; Weinerdog Still Shows no Compunction for the Truth

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In a recent blog posting, we encouraged publishing industry “Weinerdog” Victoria Straussto follow Anthony Weiner’s lead and publicly admit her lies regarding American Book Publishing (Click here). On June 13, 2011, Victoria Strauss pointed her Facebook friends to a Talking Points Memo as  if it’s some form of justification to continue to evade the truth. The author of the article, Josh Marshall, makes several statements that the Weiner saga is somewhat trivial. Perhaps Victoria Strauss is attempting to imply that theAmerican Book Publishing report is also equally trivial. Let’s read between some of the lines in these quotes from Marshall’s article:
“[I]t’s not worth losing him over something relatively trivial like a sex scandal.”
“Basically, unless coercion or harassment or some other clear kind of lawbreaking is involved it’s really nobody’s business and everybody should just shut up.”
” . . . [H]e’s hurt his wife and possibly his unborn child through his recklessness — but that’s his and his wife’s business. Not mine.”
“But c’mon. At heart it’s still a BS story. I see a Member of Congress who’s totally embarrassed himself. But as I tried to make clear to staff last week it’s hardly a federal case. And his own constituents seem clear that they don’t want him to resign.”
“So somehow the apparently unprecedented simultaneous demands for his resignation . . . just strikes me as a degree of pomposity and over-serious high dudgeon that has somehow managed the improbable effect of making his dogged desire to hold on to his office in the face of seemingly daily humiliation look better to me than their stern-minded and ‘oh please!’ inducing calls for him to cough it up.”
The real “BS” is Victoria Strauss‘ failure to take responsibility for her false reporting of a “police investigation” regarding American Book Publishing.  Victoria Strauss‘ wants this matter to be trivial and swept under the rug. Victoria Strauss has hurt the business reputation of this publisher, the publishing industry, the reputation of the SFWA and that iseveryones business. Victoria Strauss may have used coercion, harassment and blackmail strategies in her dealings with American Book Publishing. As a result, we’ll continue to make a case out of it. Victoria Strauss‘ constituents (and the flying monkeys) surely do not want her to resign even though she has embarrassed herself. However, we do not feel that our demands for her resignation have been in any way pompous (click here). We will continue to demand that Victoria Strauss “cough up” the truth regarding American Book Publishing.
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