Monday, August 1, 2011

Atlanta Nights: The Funding Struggle Continues

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“We’re not currently seeking donations, though many thanks to those who’ve asked. We’re currently trying to go through more traditional channels, and we’ll see what happens there.”
Seriously??? Does it seem like waiting to “see what happens” is a statement of confidence? Ok, we’re “traditional” investors. The number one question is: What’s the projected return on investment (ROI)? It is going to produce a profit . . . right?
Rachael, no one cares! This is an epoch failure. Have you figured that out yet? Have you not even noticed that James D. MacdonaldVictoria Strauss and Ann “A.C.”  Crispin failed to financially support this self-serving endeavor? It’s nothing more than a pitiable literary masturbation get-together. Yet, they overwhelmingly take credit for it. How much longer will you suckle the breasts of these self-serving “watchdogs”? You are being used. It’s time to start thinking about saving your career and investing your talents elsewhere.
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